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Finale Plug-in

Screenshot of Finale Plugin
Screenshot of Finale Plugin

System requirements

Component file Installation

  1. Download the installation files from
  2. Install msxml4sp2.msi
  3. Install Midi2wavetoolsetup.exe
  4. Install all the Microsoft Sapi SDK 5.1 components, available here:
  5. Extract AccessibleMusic.rar to: C:\program files\FinaleXXX\plugins.
  6. Extract DLL.rar to: C:\program files\FinaleXXX.
  7. Extract FNBInstall.rar to:C:\program files\FinaleXXX.


The software can now be executed from within Finale by launching the plugins from the menu Plugins/accessible music

In order to playback Talking Music, a Daisy 2.02 player is needed. Information about Daisy Playback software is available here:

Further Details

If you are interested in making use of this software in one of your own projects, please contact us via the details on the contact page for more information.

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